Why choose us?

montessori materials rainbow puzzleThe Importance of the ‘Early Years’

Pre-school years are of vital importance in preparing the foundation for a child’s later educational development and experiences.
This development of the child’s whole personality: physical, emotional, social and intellectual, must be undertaken with care and respect, to maximise the benefits during these crucial early years.

At The Rainbow Montessori Nursery School we strive to create a stimulating nursery setting, offering your child experiences which will enrich their developmental and personal growth.

Why choose Montessori?

The central focus of the Montessori education ensures the fullest development of the child’s potential for creativity, initiative, self-discipline and self-confidence. It encourages co-operation, social awareness, caring, patience, good manners, respect of others and the environment as well as independence.
In the long term these valued qualities will better equip your child to meet the challenge of a new era.

For more details on how the Montessori principles are applied at The Rainbow Montessori Nursery School please visit the Classroom page.