Our Classroom facilities and activities

rainbow montessori nursery classroom activities: sorting shapes
In the Montessori classroom you will find a relaxed and calm atmosphere, which has been prepared so that everything has a purpose and a progression. The child is free to select his or her own activities, and to work and play with them until they are satisfied
The materials you will find in our nursery school are attractive and interesting to the child, helping them to develop skills and concentration.

The classroom is divided into distinct areas with provision for the children to engage with:

Practical Life skills

montessori practical life skills: pouring

In this area of the classroom you will find activities such as pouring, cutting, spooning, washing, cleaning and polishing as well as ‘dressing frames’ which allow the child to practice fastening and un-fastening buttons, zips, buckles and laces.
These are simple everyday activities which children see adults performing regularly. Children enjoy practicing these skills at an unhurried pace as their abilities and independence grows. Activities in this area not only teach life skills, but develop hand/eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.

Sensorial Materials

Modern education recognises the value of learning through the senses. montessori classroom materials: size and volumeMaria Montessori, through her observation of children, also saw this, and developed these materials to help the child become aware of details that gradually become more subtle. The equipment is designed to emphasise one particular quality by eliminating or minimising differences. The child learns to distinguish, categorise and relate new information to that which he or she already knows.


Children have a fascination for words, both spoken and written.tracing a montessori sandpaper letter
We encourage your child’s language abilities through discussion, listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. Various rhymes, poems, songs, games, drama and role-play situations will be presented, all of which help prepare your child indirectly for later learning activities. If a child is showing signs of wanting to learn to read they are introduced to the sandpaper letters, enabling them to learn both the phonic sound and also the physical form of the letters in preparation for writing.
We also have a cosy peaceful reading room where children can select from the many books and sit in on stories read by a member of staff.

Mathematical skills

In our classroom the child has access to tactile geometric and sorting shapesmathematical equipment, providing the child with ample opportunities for counting, sorting, matching and ordering objects. The materials are designed to physically represent their quality and quantity, making it easy for the child to assimilate the ideas and skills of basic arithmetic.


It is fundamentally important to foster your child’s sense of wonder at the world around montessori map puzzlethem. Opportunities abound in this area for the child to observe and explore the natural world including animals, life cycles and the seasons. We encourage children to bring in items for our nature table which provides a wonderful link with the natural world. The different cultural and physical aspects of the planet can also be explored through globes, geographical puzzles, and observation of other cultures. There are also science based activities such as magnets, air, water, light and colour materials for the children to investigate.

Arts and Crafts

Children are free to express their creativity and to communicate ideas paintingthrough a variety of materials: paints, wood, collage, clay, crayons etc. In addition to individual activities we will also work as a group on specific topics.


montessori music: drumming

During music sessions children are able to listen to, learn and express themselves through a wide range of music. Experiencing various songs and percussion instruments, as well as learning about different sounds, rhythm tempo etc. In addition to staff led music activities we have a visiting music teacher, Anna Clements, who takes one session a week. We aim to develop your child’s appreciation of music during these sessions.

Additional Activities

outdoor playThere are many more opportunities for the child to learn and to express themselves creatively. The children have the chance to participate in regular Cookery Sessions where activities range from decorating biscuits to baking bread.
Children participate in Physical Activities including music and movement, parachute games, ball skills as well as climbing and balancing equipment. We also have a dance teacher from The Dance Company that visits us weekly for a                                  Dance Lesson.

We are fortunate to have a small Garden Area at the rear of the nursery outdoor playwhere children can play with sand and water, grow fruit and vegetables, and observe flora and fauna.

We also have a snack area where children can prepare their own drinks and snacks as well as learning skills such as spreading and pouring.