Children denied joy of nature, says National Trust

AutumWalk_09_07The National Trust has warned that children are being denied the enjoyment of the  outdoors and nature with consequences for their health. We know that outdoor play is essential for all aspects of a child’s development  providing experiences which enable them to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. So it is sad that so many children are being denied access to the great outdoors. At The Rainbow Montessori Nursery School we view outdoor play as an essential part of our provision. A nursery is an ideal environment for children to learn about the natural world, the seasons, animals and plants as well as how fruit and vegetables are grown.  We try to give them as many outdoor experiences as we can. Not only are children encouraged to play in our garden, but our Forest School sessions provide opportunities for the children to discover the natural world, climb muddy banks and splash in puddles. We make sure they are happy and comfortable outside by providing all weather clothing so that they stay warm and dry and carry out thorough risk assessments. Our small private allotment is used by the children to grow potatoes, peas, beans, onions, salad vegetables, pumpkins and anything else we can fit in! They love being outside digging, watering and planting seeds and seedlings….and hunting for worms! In our experience the children love the outdoors and I wonder when they are all grown up, will they remember playing outside with water or in the sandpit, will they remember looking for sticks in the woods to make a den or seeing if they can jump across a ditch or will they remember being inside watching TV? What would you choose for your child?

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World Book Day 2012

Thank you to parents and grandparents who helped to make World Book Day a fun day. The  children loved having stories read to them and showing everyone their favourite books. We loved seeing all the children dressed up as characters from stories and  rhymes. Amongst the many activities, we also visited our local library, which the children loved and all chose books to take back to nursery to share with their friends.

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November 25th Parents Evening

An evening for parents to get together with their child’s Key Workers.

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Parents Breakfast

Come and enjoy a full English breakfast ( vegetarian option available) on Tuesday 15th November from 9.15am.

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Winscombe Rainbow Montessori

Pre-school Montessori nursery for children aged 2 to 5 years

This is the blog for the Winscombe Rainbow Montessori Nursery which is located in Winscombe, and attracts enrolment interest from families across the Mendip, Chew Valley and North Somerset areas including Cheddar, Axbridge, Churchill, Wrington and Weston-super-Mare .

Our prime concern is that your child’s time at nursery is both happy and fulfilling.
To ensure that we achieve this, we provide a creative, safe, positive and stimulating environment for the children. The nursery is operated on Montessori principles, in which each child is encouraged both to learn and to follow their own interests.

You can find out more about the Montessori philosophy on the main website, and on our classroom page you can see some of the ways that the Montessori methods are applied to create an interesting and rewarding environment for the children.

If you would like to know how the Winscombe Rainbow Montessori Nursery can benefit your child, we encourage you to visit us, with your child, to find out more. Please contact the nursery principle, Pauline Bamford, to arrange a visit or to discuss any quiries you may have, you can find the contact details here.

We hope you find the blog provides an interesting insight into the Winscombe Montessori Nurery, please take your time to explore both the blog and the main website, where you can find further information about our nursery and the Montessori method.
We have also added a photo gallery , which is intended, along with this blog, to enable parents to connect with their childs’ time at the nursery.

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Leavers photo 2011

The Leavers photo is available to order now, please place your order before Friday 15th.

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We have been celebrating the news that we have been accredited by the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board, the UKs leading accreditation body. We are the only school in Somerset to have achieved this, so obviously we are feeling extremely pleased with ourselves. To read the report and find out more information, please go to

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Imaginative Play

“The best classroom and richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky” Margaret McMillan 1919

Ask any adult to think back to their childhood and what they remembered playing, I can almost guarentee that their memory will be of playing outside. Outdoors give a child the freedom to move, to be imaginative, to discover and learn about their world, and gives them plenty of sensory experiences from smelling a flower (remember making perfume from petals?) to encountering stinging nettles.  It offers the child innumerable activities and experiences and enhances their learning in so many ways. As summer approaches we are reviewing the nursery’s ‘back garden’ to ensure we are providing a wide range of activities for the children.  Perhaps you could review your garden.  Providing outdoor activities does not have to cost a great deal.  Find a large cardboard box for your child to paint, add wheels (paper plates) and your child will spend endless time in their bus/ car/ train. Do you have a small patch of earth to give to your child? They could use it to grow plants, but they could also use it as a mud pit. Think of small children on a beach. While dad is constructing a mega castle complete with moat, moving drawer bridge and flags, the children are content with just digging.  Children love to dig! And while they are digging in their designated piece of garden, they are discovering worms and insects.   Den making, water play, obstacle courses, collecting natural materials, ‘painting’ with water, discovering nature, playing in puddles, gardening , drawing chalk roads and towns on paths and drives, making perfumes and potions- the list is endless. With imagination and everyday resources, even the smallest garden can become an exciting adventure playground for your child. Don’t forget to check out the ‘outdoor’ books in our parents library for ideas.

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Being Healthy

nikki smoothie

Making smoothies

Grace pepper

Grace shares her pepper from home

The sun game

Playing the sun game – Food chains

Eli and Rosie learning to balance

Eli and Rosie learning to balance

hand washing

Seb practises how to wash his hands

Climbing in Kings Wood

WOW Oscar makes it to the top!!

Anya Pear

Anya shares her pear from home






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