Nativity Play

go to the nativity play gallery...

go to the nativity play gallery...

Photos from the nativity play are now in the gallery, click on the picture to see them

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Autumn walk

kicking leaves

Tuesday [20th Oct] morning: The children went on a seasonal romp up the strawberry line to the tunnel. The rain held off! Some photos have been put on the gallery

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Pumpkin Harvest

harvesting pumpkinsbarrow of pumpkins

Many hours of fun have been spent in the nursery garden. Recently the children harvested some huge pumpkins ! They weighed 18, 14, 9 and 8 kg.
runner beans

We also saved lots of runner bean seeds, the children enjoyed opening the pods to reveal the pinky purple beans.

There has also been lots of digging! We have planted garlic; both normal and elephant, and broad bean seeds.

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Autumn Walk

This gallery contains 16 photos.

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Leavers Photo Class of 2009

Hi all, here’s the group photo of this years leavers:

Class of '09

Available as an 8″ x 6″ print in a strut mount for the very reasonable price of £5, with all proceeds going direct to the nursery.

To order either :

  • email with the number you require,
  • or see Pauline or Jo and use the order form at the nursery.

To ensure that everyone gets their photos before the end of the term I’m going to place the order at the end of the day on Friday 17th.
I know the slip that Pauline sent out said ‘by monday’ sorry to bring that forward.
All monies to be paid direct to Pauline please.

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Gardening Space

getting ready to plantThe nursery has recently been given access to some land to allow the children to grow some plants.
The first rows of potatoes were planted out on Monday by small but hardy group of children, despite the rather wet weather !

The children have made several visits to the garden. They sowed some lettuce, carrot, radish and marigold seeds. After some strenuous digging they planted some potatoes, pea and marrow plants. All is growing well and they are looking forward to eating some of their vegetables for lunch.

Click on the image to visit the gallery. Updated June 6th, 2009.

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